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Solving the key HR challenges for Retailers

Reduce overhead, increase margins and attract and retain the best talent. By removing repetitive and mundane tasks, automating processes and increasing efficiencies across the full employee life cycle you'll beat the competition. 

ONE digital HR and workforce management solution designed for all the retail nuances. Designed for users, whatever their role or location.


Overcome staffing challenges

Your people directly impact customer service and sales per labour hour. 

  • Accelerate your recruitment and on-boarding processes
  • 25% reduction in staff turnover
  • Empower staff with employee self-service 
  • Happy staff are productive and deliver great customer service
  • Self-drive approach to training and up-skilling your people
  • Direct, off-the-shelf integrations with all leading job boards

Save time and money

Simplify and automate HR processes. Increase productivity, efficiency, and margins. 

  • Easily schedule and manage complex working patterns
  • Empower staff to swap shifts to suit their needs 
  • Automatically match peak demand with the right people
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Training, development and updates on-the-go
  • Increased payroll accuracy
  • Cut wage bill without impacting customer service

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Increase your margins

 Win competitive advantage with organisational wide operational efficiencies. 
  • Reduced recruitment, on-boarding and training costs
  • Save time with automation of repetitive, time consuming tasks
  • Self-service HR gives staff access 24/7 - when they want it 
  • Reduced wage bill with smart shift allocation -  no more over-staffing
  • 360 degree, real-time visibility of all people-data and business performance metrics
  • People data and insights to excel

Work-life balance for your people

Being in retail works against a balanced life, but you can deliver work-life balance with the right technology.

  • Real-time company and colleague messaging
  • Easy two way communication - wherever you are
  • Exponentially improve employee experience
  • Staff empowerment through self-service
  • Flexibility with shift patterns, not at the expense of the business or the employee
  • Technology to easily enable give and take

Its easy...select what you need


HR and workforce scheduling software designed for Retail and their people

Increase staff retention, save time and money on scheduling, increase margins, all with ONE powerful HR and scheduling tool. What are you waiting for?